PMP offers credentialing and contracting services

From CAQH to contract execution, let our account managers handle your entire credentialing and contracting needs. We assist behavioral health professionals complete all the necessary forms, obtain the proper documents, and follow up on the progress of your contract on your behalf. We have 17+years of experience and have executed contracts for mental health providers like yourself with a variety of insurance carriers.

For many mental health counselors, therapists and psychologists, one of the most complex aspects of owning a practice may be dealing with insurance companies, and specifically joining insurance panels or networks. PMP’s full-service therapy credentialing and contracting services are available in conjunction with our other services. Our team works in a timely and professional manner on your behalf to ensure your contracts are executed in an efficient time frame. From setting up your CAQH profile and the entire credentialing process from start to finish, we work on your behalf to complete every letter, form, application, and contract, ensuring that you can join the right panels without having to complete endless applications and endure constant calls to insurance representatives.

Our credentialing and contracting services include the following:

  • Assist the practice owner in outlining reimbursement rates from various insurance carriers to determine interest in joining the panel.
  • Complete all application forms, materials, and submissions for the insurance company
  • Handle all communication and correspondence with insurance representatives and network management teams
  • Setting up EFT, EDI/ERA enrollments (if applicable)
  • Submit network appeals in the event of network participation denials
  • Additionally, because our staff is trained in both therapy credentialing and therapy billing, we will help ensure that your contracts are set up correctly, to avoid costly
  • billing errors down the road.

Credentialing starts at $49.95 per insurance panel.

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